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Select Choir Calendar (2021-2022)

Mixed Choir Calendar (2021-2022)

RMHS Singers Calendar (2021-2022)

Harmonium Calendar (2021-2022)

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Choir Attire Info

Mixed Choir concert attire Information and contract                                 (2021-2022)

               Fermata Nowhere concert attire   
                   Information and contract                                                    (2021-2022)

               Crescendudes concert attire   
                   Information and contract                                                    (2021-2022)

next upcoming event

                    voice/Choir canning

When: Saturday, September 25, 2021

     Stop 'N' Shop
     25 Walkers Brook Dr, Reading, MA 01867

     142 Lowell St, Wakefield, MA 01880
     650 Main St, Reading, MA 01867

Please encourage your students to sign up for a 2-hour block (8a-10a, 10A-12p, or 12P-2p) with a friend! Help support the rmhs choir program!
Sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board outside the choir room. sign up today!

select choir parts—audio

                      dona nobis pacem

                          Bohemian rhapsody

                           the seal lullaby

mixed choir parts—audio

                         A Gaelic Blessing

                     Ding a ding a Ding

                      It Takes A Village

RMHS Singers parts—audio

                         Beyond the sea

                           seasons of love

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